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30 000 requests / month

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Unlimited number of websites ideal for 1 basic corporate website with ~ 1 000 requests/day

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10$ / month

80 000 requests / month

Unlimited number of websites ideal for 1 advanced professional website with ~ 2 666 requests/day

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25$ / month

250 000 requests / month

Unlimited number of websites ideal for 1 high traffic business website with ~ 8 333 requests/day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need WR Protect ?

Any website can become the target of a hack or mass hack. Hackers mostly use malicious queries to access your sensitive data, inject malwares, send spams from your server, damage your website or use your server to launch attacks.For this, you need a tool like WR Protect to protect your website and prevent such threats. 

How WR Protect protects my website ?

WR Protect protects your website by detecting and blocking automatically malicious requests and blacklisted IPs. WR Protect maintains a rich database of vulnerabilities and exposures exploited by hackers that is daily updated.WR Protect basically offers a prevention system which monitor the traffic to your website in real time. When a protected website is under attack, WR Protect prevents it from happen again on other protected websites by blocking the IP, the type of attack or the query model used by the hacker. 

What are the advantages of WR Protect?

The advantages are very numerous:

  • Monitoring and daily protection of your website.
  • Rapid and smart detection vulnerabilities and exploited flaws.
  • Instant Blocking of attempted hacking attacks.
  • Ability to manage your proper Whitelists and Blacklists.
  • A full report on hacking attempts and malicious queries.
  • A professional support team at your disposal for WR Protect setup and monitoring. 

How my website will be better with WR Protect?

  • WR Protect provides full protection against hacking attempts, so your data and business will be safe and you will gain your customers trust. WR Protect protects your website against any kind of vulnerability or flaw without impacting your website performance and page load speed.
  • With a visual dashboard and reports, WR Protect offers you a comprehensive monitoring on the security of your website and you can monitor web hacking attempts more closely in real time. 

If I have an SSL certificate, why do i need WR Protect ?

SSL certificates secure the information exchanged between the Internet and your website (Such as bank card information, usernames and passwords) but it cannot protect you from malicious requests or other vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. 

What types of threats can be detected by WR Protect ?

Many types of attacks are blocked, some cases:

  • Injection Attacks: This type of attack allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to private data or sensitive informations and files.
  • XSS Attacks (Cross Site Scripting) : This attack allows the hackers to access the credentials of a website administrator and have complete control over your website.
  • CSRF Attacks (Cross Site Request Forgery) : It is an attack that occurs when a user is connected to a session. It allows the attacker to generate queries to the website as the connected user.
  • Click Jacking Attacks : This is a symlink attack allowing an attacker to be able to edit a file to insert false information, expose sensitive information or destroy or corrupt system files or critical applications.
  • DDoS Attacks : The goal of DDoS attacks is to interrupt any access to the website temporarily or permanently.
  • And more...