Your website was under attack ? Your may be interested in this solution !

We protect your website of malicious requests that can aim your server, users and any other sensitive datas.
WR Protect is able to proactively identify hacking attempts and block them without affecting the usual functioning of your website neither the performance of your web server.



Real-Time Monitoring

A real-time monitoring of all your websites traffic and requests to prevent hacking attempts and protect your data, users, server and your reputation.

WR Protect protects your websites through real-time traffic monitoring and blocking hacking attempts...

Hack Prevention

A big database of vulnerabilities, exposures and blacklisted IP updated in real-time to ensure automatic detection and blocking of hacking attempts.

Through regular monitoring and an advanced smart detection system, WR Protect blocks hackers...


A complete and detailed report on malicious requests and statistics about hacking attempts threatening your websites in real-time and with secure access.

WR Protect provides a daily report of your website traffic, malicious requests and hacking attempts...

Technical Support

A support team is ready to assist you in the deployment of this solution and help you to secure and protect your website. We are at your disposal at any time !

Get technical assistance to install the solution and protect your website. We are available by email, phone or chat...

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